Hotel Policies

Non Smoking Policy

The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel has a non-smoking policy and therefore smoking is not permitted in any of the hotel’s interior areas, so all guests are asked to do so outside the building.

In order to comply with all rules and for the well-being of all hotel guests, at check-in you will be asked to sign our non-smoking policy, so in case of not compliance the hotel reserves the right to charge between 50€ to 750€ according to the decreet-law 37/2007 of Portugal government.

Environmental Policy

With the aim to reduce the global ecological footprint, the OABH adopts measures that it considers vital for a better preservation of the planet, involving employees, suppliers, and customers.

– We ask all guests to reuse their towels during short stays through notices in the rooms.
– We call for the correct recycling of garbage and we are available to all guests to collaborate in this regard.
– We save as much energy as possible through solar panels installed on the top floor of the building, which allows heating of water and installations with less energy effort.
– We respect the green spaces that surround us as much as possible and use an adapted irrigation system,
– Although we are not pet friendly, we adopted a mascot named Francisca – a kitten that lives in the Hotel’s outdoor facilities and protects our gardens.
– The energy of the hotel is all carried out through LED lights and with less energy consumption.
– We always turn off the lights in areas that are not being used,

Every day we strive to find the best solutions on this green path that contemporary times demand!

Pet Policy

The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel is proud to want the best for all its guests and, for not being able to offer the best conditions to guarantee an excellent stay for animals, we chose not to receive pets and for that we thank you your understanding.

Overcrowding Policy

Unfortunately, was registered non compliances with the overcrowding policy and therefore the hotel informs that when the maximum number of people per room is exceeded, the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel reserves in the right to charge a penalty of 100€ per extra person occupying the hotel rooms.


Measures adopted against Covid-19

Hoping that this is just a period (remarkable, of course) in our lives and in view of the current contingencies imposed by the Government of Portugal, the OABH has adopted all the cleaning and disinfection procedures that this current phase requires and therefore all the steps involving interaction with guests, suppliers and employees were rethought.

Our main focus is to make you feel safe and relaxed so that you can enjoy your stay with no worries.

Use of steam machines that allow chemical-free cleaning and superior performance that enable 99.9% of bacteria present on surfaces to be eliminated

Dishes and fabrics washed at a very high temperature according to the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization)

Reduced number of seats and with prior reservation by the guests at breakfast in order to guarantee social distance

Use of protective equipment: masks are mandatory for all staff during working hours and for all guests in the common areas of the hotel, social distance between staff and customers, desinfection points through alcohol gel dispensers spread all over the hotel’s areas, use of protective glasses in the reception and bar

Frequent disinfection of common areas and whenever used by a guest

Digitization of menus and all the information that guests need (In case of need for a physical version, it will be properly disinfected)

All staff received specific training on hygiene and safety procedures developed for this reality.

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