Terms and Conditions Oporto Airport & Business Hotel

The following document aims to apply to the relationship between the guest / customer of the Hotel regarding the services of pre-booking, reservation, stay and end of stay.

With regard to the terms and conditions that the Hotel has not described herein, the current Portuguese legislation will apply.

The use of the services presupposes that the client accepts and validates the conditions and terms imposed by the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel. (Which are automatically considered and incorporated in the contract between the client and Hotel, without the obligation of the written transition).

1. Pre-Booking and Booking

After a customer has made a reservation, the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel will have at your disposal a proposal of stay and a code of reservation, according to the requirements of the client.

If the customer wants to book a hotel room on the internet through tours operators, the reservation code should be different from the hotel but I is as valid as the hotel code.

The Hotel also informs that reservations of tours operators or the ones that were made by you are not obligatory nor do they force the hotel to celebrate the contract.

The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to conclude the contract and to make a room available in its sole discretion.

The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel only guarantees the availability of a room of the category reserved and not of a specific hotel room.

2. Type of reservation and Cancellation

At Oporto Airport & Business Hotel you can make two types of reservation: the guaranteed reservation and the pre-paid and non-refundable reservation.

The guaranteed reservation consists of the reservation of a room (by the customer) accompanied by the provision of valid and complete data of a credit card for guarantee. The guaranteed reservation can be freely canceled by the client, without any costs, up to 7 days before arrival. After this period, the Hotel reserves the right to make a pre-authorization of the value.

In case of cancellation outside the mentioned period or no-show, the Hotel will charge the entire value of the reservation. In case of change of typology or reservation dates it may result in an additional cost.

The pre-paid and non-refundable reservation consists on reservation of a hotel room, accompanied by the customer’s supply of valid and complete data of a credit card or in the reservation accompanied by the proof of bank transfer of the totality of the reservation. The total amount of the reservation will be charged immediately at the moment the client makes a reservation. In case of cancellation or non-attendance the Hotel will charge 100% of the stay. Prepaid and non-refundable reservations can not be canceled or changed.

3. Arrival and Departure

The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel will provide at your arrival the room of the selected category from the date of booking, in case the client book a room at the hotel reception, the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel will provide a room from the category pretended and according to the availability of the moment, with the check in to be operated at 3 p.m.

The arrival of our guests imposes the fully payment of the stay.

On the departure date the client must leave the room until 12 a.m. without items or any people.

In the event that the client does not leave the room until 12 o’clock, a fee corresponding to an overnight stay in the hotel will be automatically charged, only having the right to use the room in that period if the hotel has room availability, otherwise it will have to pay at the same rate and leave the room as soon as possible.

4. Terms of Use
  1. The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel assumes that only the persons indicated in the accommodation reservation will have the right to use the hotel room.
  2. It is strictly forbidden not to take care of and respect the spaces of the hotel.
  3. The clients must respect the other clients and the rules of good conduct imposed by the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel.
  4. Clients are not authorized to use reserved access areas.
  5. The clients can not cook the food brought in, either in the hotel room or in the other areas of the hotel.
  6. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by adults at all times of their stay.
  7. The customers are fully responsible for the goods left at the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel, with the duty to supervise them during their stay. (The hotel advises that all rooms are equipped with a small safe).
  8. Pets are not allowed on the hotel premises.
5. Client/Guests Behaviour
  1. Under Law nº63 / 2017, on the hotel’s premises, it is not allowed to smoke any tobacco products and / or their derivatives, namely electronic cigarettes. In order to comply with all rules and for the well-being of all hotel guests, at check-in you will be asked to sign our non-smoking policy, so in case of non-compliance the hotel reserves the right to charge between 50 to 750 € according to Decree-Law 37/2007.

  2. We recommend civic and non-abusive parking. The hotel is not responsible for damage to third parties or theft of the car

  3. The hotel is not responsible for any object or document that has not been left in its custody. However, the rooms have a safe for your personal use during your stay.

  4. The Hotel reserves the right to expel customers who are acting in an unfair, offensive and threatening manner towards other customers or employees.

  5. It is forbidden to make changes to the organization of the space and equipment of the rooms and common areas.

  6. It is forbidden to store dangerous items in the rooms, such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable materials and psychoactive substances

  7. It is forbidden to sell items in the hotel spaces.

  8. During the stay, it is forbidden to make excessive noise that disturbs the rest of the other customers and to behave inappropriately. Clients must respect the hours of silence: 10 pm to 7 am.

  9. It is strictly forbidden not to care for and respect the hotel’s spaces.

  10. The customer must respect other customers and the rules of good conduct imposed by Oporto Airport & Business Hotel.

  11. In the event of damage, theft or loss of items belonging to the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to charge the full value of the damaged/ stolen items. 

6. Access to the Hotel Rooms

The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel and its staff have the right to enter the hotel room during the client’s stay in order to carry out cleaning, repair and similar work.

7. Price of stay and other prices

The price of the stay payable by the client, constitutes the consideration for the availability of the use of the hotel room, in the period between arrival and departure.

The total price of the reservation will be charged at the time of booking regardless of whether the client actually uses the room or has gone there late at night.

The applicable rates are the agreed prices or the price indicated in the price list of the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel in force on the date of the conclusion of the contract.

The rates and amounts indicated in the terms and in the accommodation contract are all plus VAT unless expressly stated otherwise.

8. Terms of Payment

The value of the stay and prices of additional services must be paid in advance at the moment the customer arrives at the hotel, regardless of the billing date.

If the duration of the stay is not specified, the price of the stay and prices of additional services for each night must be paid in advance until 12 a.m.

In the case of stays without a specified date of departure, non-payment of the price of stay and additional services under the terms of the previous number determines the immediate termination of the contract and immediately obliges the client to leave the room and deliver the respective key to the Hotel.

The charges for additional services are, for example, related to car park charges, breakfast prices and other charges not expressly mentioned in the accommodation contract which form part of the value of the stay.

The Porto Airport & Business Hotel accepts payment in euros, transfers, and Visa and Mastercard. Other payments will only be allowed in exceptional cases, with the express consent of the Hotel.

9. Complaints regarding material defects
  1. The customer should inspect the hotel room upon arrival and report any defects found at the hotel reception immediately.
  2. Any defects that arise during the stay must be communicated at the reception of the hotel, as soon as the clients know about them.
  3. If there is a defect in the customer’s room, the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel has the right to choose between repairing and re-locating the customer in a room that has at least the same or higher category of which the customer has selected before.
  4. For the purposes mentioned above, only serious defects that could jeopardize the level of service and quality of the Hotel will be considered, and the Hotel will not be obliged to take any action if there are irrelevant, unreasonable complaints or details that do not collide with the contracted minimum level.
  5. If Oporto Airport & Business Hotel has no means of repairing the relevant defect or replacing the customer’s room with a similar or higher category, the customer may only terminate the contract and receive the amount paid for the room, of the Hotel for whatever reason.
10. Responsibility on the part of the Oporto Airport & Business Hotel
  1. The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel will only be responsible for damages or losses of the customer when such facts result from the guilty performance of the Hotel.
  2. The Hotel reserves the right not to assume any responsibility for loss of data provided by the client in case of electronic transmission of payment data being only responsible in this case if there is a wrongful act.
  3. The Hotel is not liable for damages or accidents occurring inside the room or any other area of the hotel, unless it is ensured that the fault lies with the Hotel.
  4. The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel will not be considered responsible to the client in case of delay in the availability of the room in case there are valid reasons for not making the room available in a timely manner. The valid reasons are, for example, strikes, blockades, natural disasters, accidents in the hotel room itself.
  5. In the event of delays in making the room available beyond 6:00 pm, the client may freely terminate the contract without having the right to demand any compensation from the Hotel for whatever reason.
  6. The hotel only assumes responsibility for acts practiced by any employee of the hotel in case of being in normal working hours, properly identified and uniformed as employee of the company.
  7. The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel reserves the right not to assume any responsibility for non-fulfillment of ancillary obligations.
  8. The Hotel is not responsible for the act or omission of any other customer, even if it is liable to cause damage or damage to another customer of the Hotel. All acts caused by third parties to Hotel customers are the sole responsibility of these.
  9. The Hotel assumes no liability to the Client for any loss of profits or indirect damages even if they result from failure to comply with the principal obligation.
11. Notification Duty

In the event of property theft or property damage or, in the event of a fire, water damage or other damage to the hotel room, the client must immediately inform the hotel staff and do anything to help the staff.

12. Termination of the Accommodation Agreement
  1. The Hotel has the right to terminate the accommodation contract in case the client does not make full and timely payment at the time when the customer is required or not given the required guarantee.
  2. The client may notify the termination of the accommodation contract during his stay at any time until 7 p.m., to take effect at 12 a.m. of the next day.
  3. Any party may terminate the accommodation contract summarily for just cause.
  4. The Oporto Airport & Business Hotel will have the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract for just cause if the client presents some behavior that affects the well being, quiet or hygiene of the hotel, or if, the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, use the hotel room for prostitution, act offensively with hotel staff or other hotel guests, disrupt the peace of other hotel guests, or in the past have made reservations false or malicious and / or damaged or destroyed the hotel or its facilities.
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