5 Tips For Writing College Essays

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hey just have and welcome back to another episode of studies Jeff if you don’t need that welcome to the Jessica family be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already because I upload a weekly study tip videos and also leave me a comment below telling me something about yourself because I just love to get to know all of my Jessica’s and I hire respond to as many of your comments as I possibly can today I’m doing an episode that is all about writing essays so I’m going to be sharing with you exclusive tips to help you out with planning and also working on your essays to help you get those a pluses and just a little reminder before we get into this video if you haven’t already then click on the link below so that you can subscribe and sign up to be a exclusive as seeded study buddy and you’ll be able to access for free my online study skills sessions and I’m actually covering how to tackle major signs and projects in this session and there is also a special offer at the end of the three-part series so it definitely click on link below and sign up alright alright so let’s get into today’s episode about writing essays and also to help you out and demonstrate my tips I am using this guy here I’m using my pink susan education area as a planner and the reason I love it is because it has this really well for our template and it just means that your essay is going to be structured and floor logically which is really important when you’re trying to get that a plus so I’m going to take you through how I write my essay and I hope they just help you all right guys let’s get started make sure you understand your topic the first thing I like to do before I start to write an essay is to underline key terms and phrases to make sure that I answer the questions appropriately so just take any highlighter or pen and go ahead and underline any words that you think you should pay extra attention to then I make sure to review my notes search the internet and have a look through my textbook to make sure I have a good grasp on the topic we’re still thinking about how I should answer the essay question use a framework to help structure your essay one really useful way to structure your essay is to use the standard five paragraph structure making sure your essay is well structured is really important because you want to make sure that your essay is introduced clearly flows logically and is well organized so help me write in my plan I’m going to be using my seated education route pink as my planner carefully plan each of your paragraphs let’s start with the introduction paragraph so this paragraph of your essay should typically open up the discussion introduce your arguments indicate how you intend on answering the question and engage your reader the introduction paragraph is where you should develop a strong argument in response to the essay question remember your argument is the backbone of your essay so all that research that you did before is going to come in handy when deciding what angle to take in your writing your argument then is written out clearly as your thesis statement in the introduction of your essay then you’ll refer back to it several times in the essays before restating it and demonstrating how it’s been proven in your conclusion after you’ve written your thesis statement you want to briefly mention the main points that will be discussed throughout your essay so that the reader knows what to expect think of this paragraph as a little summary of your paper you next you’re going to write down your three main points or ideas in each of the separate body paragraphs and flush them out using dot points an important tip for planning these paragraphs and deciding what information to include is to make sure that every point is relevant to the question also a body paragraph should typically indicate to the reader how it relates to the previous paragraph begin with a topic sentence include supporting evidence to each point and emphasize how the question is being addressed and now we are up to the conclusion okay so this section is going to summarize everything you’ve written so far so make sure you avoid presenting any new arguments in this paragraph the end of this section is to convince the reader that your essay has covered the most important arguments about the topic write in Stajan once you’ve written your essay plan you’re ready to start writing your first draft don’t worry about making your first draft perfect because you just want to allow your ideas to flow and then your later drafts will be for fixing mistakes and improving your writing also when you do begin writing your first draft make sure to write in third-person and avoid using words like I me or my unless your teacher tells you to it just makes your writing stand more sophisticated check your work once you finish writing your essay and you’re happy with it then it is time to sell a write okay well maybe not quiet just yet but you’re almost there just take some time to proofread your essay before you hand it in I like to spend roughly fifteen minutes reading over my essay and checking over my spelling grammar and punctuation the other thing that I find really helpful is to set my essay aside for a couple of days that way I want to come back to it I’m able to view my work more objectively which also helps me see whether I print as concisely and logically as I could have so that’s all for today’s episode I hope you found these tips really helpful for planning and working on your next major essays the class and if you dislike these tips to be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also make sure you subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already subscribed because I upload or weekly so tip videos and I don’t want you guys to miss out also make sure you sign up to be an exclusive a study buddy I’m seen dedication way to access my online the repot study skills the sessions and you’re also going to get something a very special at the end but I’m not telling you guys but it is you have to watch all three of the episodes anyways that’s all for today and be sure to check out student education airy and grab yourself an Esso planner because they make writing essays so much easier and honestly who actually enjoys writing essays so if I can help you guide and bring a little bit more inspiration and motivation into your study sessions then that is just going to be awesome and I’ve got my blog be sure to get through the education room subscribe to my channel you can already subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week I love you so much have a happy and productive week Jessica bye you

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